Monday, March 21, 2011

Half way over!

sooo i'm trying to update this more often after Annie, my little sister, told me i NEVER do it and then once i do they are too long for her to read! this past week has been crazy ...pretty much like all of the other weeks ive described! i had a ton of assignments due and this week really isnt going to be much different with all of my presentations and final paper proposals due! ayiyiy but this week has been a lot of fun too. i went to laduree, a famous pastry shop around Paris and had the most amazing macaroons and brunch which was so much fun! then i did a ton of work but my classes were all over the city which was great. at least one a week my art and architecture class has been meeting in the louvre. it seems tough at the time to be staring at paintings and sculpture for so long and then i leave and realize who else is getting such an oppurtunity? seriously, most people run in to the louvre see the mona lisa and run out but i really feel like i am getting the whole experience!

my entire program also went to the chateaus Chantilly and Ecouen. Chantilly is famous for their whipped cream but the castle itself was amazing! it had a moat the length of a football field surrounding it and was gorgeous! when i become a bagillionaire i will build a house just like this one :)
So many people have had visitors which has been so much fun. it is always interesting seeing people's friends from home in paris because we are such a mixed group! with my friend sarah and her best friend from home, zahra, we went to a restaurant called derriere. this is not a normal restaurant ..instead of sitting in a normal seating it is themed like a house and you eat in different areas of the house. we were fortunate to sit in the "den" and lounged on big comfy couches while others were seated in the bathroom, dining room, kitchen, play room and bed rooms. the food was...interesting but the atmosphere made the experience! 
of course this week was st. patricks day and being an american, i had to celebrate! i went out with my roommate Mia and her friends from BC to a couple of irish bars that were around Paris and met some very interesting people. it was so funny to see how many americans were out celebrating..and how few french there were! we even met some crazy welsh people who were in town for the 6 nations rugby match of wales vs france. they started talking to some of the girls from bc who play rugby at school and offered us 4 tickets to the game! we went the next night and although i have absolutely no idea what goes on the entire experience was insane and fun! mia and had seats on one of the goal ends surrounded by a million welsh people! between singing the Marseilles  or screaming "allez les bleus" the welsh werent very happy with us :) but we had a great time! now i am just trying to get through the next two weeks and then i will be off to croatia!!! i am so excited it is going to be absolutely amazing and i cant wait for a break from school! i will write again soon 
xox magpie

one of the rooms in derriere

Mia and I with really awesome hats!

our new welsh friends

allez les bleus!

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