Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Its hasn't even been a week yet and I already feel like im well aquainted with the life of a parisian...the parisian's may think otherwise, but that's not really the point! So far the trip has been amazing! I mean its been more like a vacation where I wander around petite french streets eating crepes and attempting to get people to understand my french. Fortunately for me, we have three hours of french class every morning and i live with a French family so my french is getting better and better everyday! I will finally get down to details of my trip..i feel like i haven't actually explained anything in full detail yet!

chez lecat!
My family consists of an older couple, Dominique et Francois. They are soooo nice and live in such a beautiful home!! I have my own room with a big bed, desk and dresser and even my own bathroom. There are two other students here too, one living across the hall from BC and another on the 6th floor and they are both really nice. Unfortunately/fortunately I have been extremely busy wandering the streets of Paris and in class so I have not gotten to know them very well yet! We have had family dinners which are really nice though and I am getting to know more about everyone.  My homestay dad is super interesting, working as a judge at the Palais Royale and I think he is really important because he works beaucoup and answers teh phone at dinner. dominique is always apologizing because she knows that is "so unamerican but its for his work." Francois and Dominique also used to live in the Congo while Francois helped write their constitution, so all in all they are pretty awesome.

les activités
we have already done so much the 5 days since i've gotten to paris its amazing! yesterday alone we took a walking tour, guided by the two heads of the trinity-in-paris program, around St. Germaine des pres which is the area our school is in. it is an amazing area where so many philosophers artists and writers began and even has the oldest restaurant in paris there! we found plenty of places to eat and shop and it was amazing. after that we decided to be true parisians and buy a baguette and some pate to bring back to one of my friends apartments! the apartments Trinity managed to provide us with are actually amazing! then we went back to school and had a bus tour of paris, it was so beautiful and made me realize that i have sooo much too see! he brought us all over paris, to the arc de triomphe, notre dame, champs elysee, the eiffel tower and everything else famous in paris! i felt like such a tourist but i dont even care!
today had french class from 9-12, which will be happening everyday until next friday! it is so painful sometimes between our teacher making fun of our accents and how american we are, and then how horrible some people in my class actually are, but the different activities with our trinity program make up for it. for example, today we had a wine and cheese tasting. it was so much fun just in that environment, but then tasting all of the delicious cheeses and learning how to swish and smell and breath the wine the right way so that you can get all the best flavors out of it. dad, you would be so impressed with my wine tasting skills, i can actually understand why you are so into wine!
we went to the eiffel tower the other day which i think so far was the highlight of my trip! i am shocked at how enormous it actually is..i dont know if that is me being ignorant but the eiffel tower is HUGEE it is so beautiful at night especially when all of the lights are flashing too! but anyways... we went up and it was so pretty! unfortunately we could only go to the second tier because it was too windy but it didnt even matter! and did you know that the eiffel tower has an ice skating rink on it, that is the next thing we are going to do!

mes amis
i have made lots of friends, dont worry mom! and it is pretty crazy but nearly everyone on this trip gets along really well even though almost none of us were friends before we got here! i am also so fortunate to have been in france before because i know people here now! my friend who i exchanged with in high school, capucine, is actually in paris for the month and i get to see her! it is going to be so fun being reunited with her i can't wait! ....ok this is excessively long and sounding unintelligent so i am going to be finished soon but i thought i would end with some of the bizarre rules that i am given by the lecats.

 so french! haha

1. no flushing the toilet after midnight
2. no showering after 10
3. no skyping after 10
4. you have one tupperware to put food in, all other food should be kept in your bedroom...(i think my mom would kill me if i kept food in my bedroom (: )
5. telephones should not ring
6. guests are only allowed to study and even then, must leave by 11 - visitors do not stay here and even sibling will be a thought out exception to the rule

soo they arent the craziest ever but supposedly they are really strict...i heard my housemate getting in trouble at 1030 for showering last night haha well.... anyways i know this wasnt the most intelligently written blog ever but i wanted to update it! here are some pictures from the wine tasting and a couple of other events!


  1. haha i am obsessed with this rambling blog post. I love it. when are good skype times? I can skype between 7-8 california time which is 4-5 p.m your time? lets make a date. i mis youuu

  2. Maggie!! I miss you!!! its only been like a week but it feels like a century!! come home already! i guess in the meantime keep up with ur blog because its fantastic and it makes me feel like i'm in paris with you! and i guess thats the best i can ask for! ok well come home soon! Love you!!